Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/5/ (FILE 5 )

51 Annotated copy letter from MacSwiney to O/C 7th Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade, requesting a full report and stoppage of the unauthorised trade boycott against the Royal Irish Constabulary brought to his notice by Mrs. Hogan. 17 June 1920 1p 52 Copy letter from MacSwiney to Diarmuid O'Hegarty (Secretary Dáil Éireann), noting that he will do his best to replace Liam de Roiste in Limerick and will contact O'Callaghan, Mayor of Limerick, to fix a travelling date. Written in Irish 17 June 1920 1p 53 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Con O'Hanlon, Glashalee, regarding complaints made against Ahadillane Creamery for pressuring people into selling milk exclusively to them at the expense of other traders. Warns that although he is anxious to help O'Hanlon it must be done in a just manner. 17 June 1920 1p 54 Initialled copy covering letter from MacSwiney to C.O’hUigín (Kevin O'Higgins, Substitute Minister for Local Government) enclosing a report from Kinsale Urban District Council. (No enclosures) 17 June 1920 1p 55 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Art O’Gríobhtha (Arthur Griffith), Acting President Dáil Éireann, supporting Professor Stockley's action against the Daily Mail as a means of exposing English propagandist methods. 18 June 1920 1p 56 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to T.D.[James D.] Kenny, Barrister, detailing the beginnings of a slander action taken against the curate of Whitechurch and noting that he put Kenny's own points about the Dáil Éireann Courts to the Executive at their meeting. 18 June 1920 1p 57 Copy letter from MacSwiney to C. O’hUigín (Kevin O'Higgins Substitute Minister for Local Government), enclosing copies of Cork Corporation's resolution of allegiance to Dáil Éireann (no enclosures) and warning that official instructions are needed in regard to handling English Local Government Boards in order to offset new Councils taking matters in their own hands. (Unfinished). 18 June 1920 1p

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