Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/5/ (FILE 5 )

notifying him of unauthorised raids on houses in the Macroom area by men of the 6th Battalion. 5 May 1920 1p 24 MS letter to MacSwiney from Domhnaill O'Corcora (Daniel Corkery) asking him to investigate with the Minister of Agriculture (Robert. C. Barton) the high selling price offered to the townspeople for the Aurdilane estate as opposed to that offered to ex-soldiers for the same land. 7 May 1920 1p 25 Initialled covering letter from MacSwiney to Art O’Gríobhtha (Arthur Griffith), Acting President Dáil Éireann, enclosing copies of administrative documents including Cork County Council's resolution, Local Acts of Parliament, abstract of accounts and a statement on the conflict with English Local Government Boards. (No enclosures) 8 May 1920 1p 26 Signed copy letter from MacSwiney to Pope Benedict XV enclosing a copy of Cork County Council's resolution supporting the proposed beatification of Oliver Plunkett imprisoned and executed by English forces 239 years ago. Emphasises the importance of faith in Ireland and implores the prayers of his Holiness. Written in French. 14-17 May 1920 3pp See also PR4/6/12,13 27 14-17 May 1920 See also PR4/5/26, PR4/6/13 3pp 28 An t-oglach The Official Organ of the Irish Volunteers Volume II Number 11 15 May 1920 1 item 29 Copy letter to MacSwiney from the Substitute Minister for Local Government (Austin Stack) requesting information on the payments made by Corporations for criminal and injury claims. Sternly warns that the Treasurer will be held responsible for any claims paid on demand out of non- allocated funds. 27 May 1920 1p 30 MS statement issued by Thomas Ireton, Treasurer and Accountant, Cork City Hall, on payments made and outstanding claims for criminal injuries. 31 May 1920 1p

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