Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/3/ (FILE 3 )

possible increase in the amount collected for the Dáil Éireann Loan. Written in Irish. 4 June 1920 1p 18 Manifesto issued by the Minister of Defence (Cathal Brugha) strongly encouraging young men to remain in Ireland and fight for the Government of the Irish Republic. Condemns those who have emigrated as 'deserters' and 'degenerates' and urges the young Irishman to have patience, think of his country and not to fall for the enemy tactic of encouraging emigration for the sake of

employment. 5 June 1920


19 Letter to MacSwiney from Diarmuid O'Hegarty, Secretary Dáil Éireann, asking him to replace Liam de Róiste, T.D., as inspector for Limerick Technical School. Details that a report on the school's financial and educational aspects has to be presented to the next sitting of the Dail in order to continue the school's funding over the following year. Also notes that de Róiste has copies of the Commissioners' minutes if needed. Written in Irish. 12 June 1920 2pp 20 Letter to MacSwiney from Diarmuid O'Hegarty, Secretary Dáil Éireann, requesting that he act as an inspector to the Limerick Technical School. Written in Irish. 17 June 1920 1p 21 Letter to MacSwiney from Diarmuid Ó’hEigceartuigh (Diarmuid O'Hegarty), Secretary Dáil Éireann acknowledging receipt of his concerning the election of substitute Dail members to replace the absentees and promising to put this important matter before the ministry as promptly as possible. Written in Irish. 17 June 1920 1p 22 Letter to MacSwiney from C. Ó’hUigín (Kevin O'Higgins), Substitute Minister for Local Government, thanking him for his letter and report from Kinsale Council. 18 June 1920 1p 23 Printed proclamation issued by the Department of Home Affairs in connection with property claims being made on dairy, agricultural and residential holdings. Strongly notes that although claimants may register with the relevant District Court, cases will not be heard until international recognition of the Irish Republic

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