Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/3/ (FILE 3 )

6 Letter to MacSwiney from Micheál Ó’Coileáin (Michael Collins), Minister for Finance, congratulating him on his election as Mayor of Cork City and asking him to deliver an unpleasant anonymous letter to Eilís MacCurtain, widow of Tomás MacCurtain, late Lord Mayor of Cork, but hoping that they now have sufficient information to discover who wrote it. 31 March 1920 1p 7 Newspaper cutting from the Daily Mail detailing the murder of the late Tomás MacCurtain, Lord Mayor of Cork, as an act of vengeance on behalf of his own party Sinn Féin. 26 April 1920 2pp 8 Letter to MacSwiney from Micheál Ó’Coileáin (Michael Collins, Minister for Finance) enclosing his contribution to the late Lord Mayor's Memorial Fund (Tomás MacCurtain) and noting the national significance and great importance of the fund. Asks MacSwiney to look into the possibility of Mr. and Mrs. H. Lynch and Joseph Brien, all Macroom County Cork, having gold stored which they might swop for cash as outlined in an enclosed MS letter sent to the Department of Finance by D.[T]. O'D. Also urges him to meet with his Lordship (Dr. Cohalan, Bishop of Cork) as soon as possible as Erskine Childers has already interviewed him in relation to the land bank. 7-9 April 1920 2pp 9 Letter to MacSwiney from Micheál Ó’Coileáin (Michael Collins, Minister of Finance), agreeing with his actions in dealing with the Mid Cork Dáil Éireann Loan, expressing his surprise at not receiving any money and enclosing two addresses which MacSwiney and F.O'D may use to communicate with him. 26 April 1920 2pp 10 Letter to MacSwiney from [Art Ó’Gríobhtha (Arthur Griffith)], Department of Local Government, asking him to join the forthcoming Dublin Conference on Local Government policy exploring in particular the relationship between Local Authorities and the English Local Government Boards. Notes that the time and place of the meeting are to be found by contracting Leo Lawless, Dublin Corporation, and all travel expenses will be paid by the Department. 27 April 1920 1p 11 Letter to MacSwiney from C. Ó’hUigín (Kevin O'Higgins), Substitute Minister for Local Government, questioning whether his council has complied with instructions in passing a resolution of allegiance to Dáil Éireann and obtaining the undated resignations of all republican members. Also recommends that all new

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